Rules & Format


Anything related to educational technology.
AI or VR, AR or gamification are most welcome.
Participants must submit a video and poster.
Only submit after acceptance.
Must pay the registration fee after acceptance.

Criteria for Marking

Project Impact/Effectiveness - What is the main impact on the learning experience and student learning achievement?
Technology Used
Commercialized/ Potential to be commercialized

Format of Submission

Participants are required to submit:

Project e-Poster (Both in PDF and PNG format)
Video (pitching) for 3 - 5 minutes to support each project.

Full submission closing date (e-Poster and Video): 18 September 2023

E-poster Format

The e-poster format given is a guide for the participants. Participants can use it by adding any illustration (graphs, diagrams, pictures, etc.) to highlight the effectiveness of the innovation. Participants are also free to design their own e-posters. Make sure the main content is included.

594 x 841 mm / 23.4 x 33.1 inches (width x height)

Participants need to send two (2) types of files, namely PDF and PNG.

Participants are allowed to change the font type, text colour, and background. The font size should be at least 20 pt.

Technology Applied
Main Functions
Download the e-poster template

Pitching Video Format

Record a video presentation between 3 and 5 minutes.

English languange

IMPORTANT : Participants are encouraged to present additional information to support and reinforce the information displayed in the e-poster.

The video must be uploaded to YouTube first by setting it unlisted and placing the link on the submission form.

Must start with the ICIILE2023 intro and team member introduction. Participants can choose any ICIILE2023 intro provided.
Download the ICIILE2023 intro